Want to connect or reconnect with your creativity? Free yourself from creative blocks and overcome the anxiety of the blank page. No prior experience necessary! Are you a creative professional? this class will help you deepen your practice and create a space for play.
Art for Kids
Artistic awareness workshop for ages 6 to 10
This course cultivates children's curiosity, creativity and sociability while having fun.
Children express themselves by creating to release their emotions by giving free rein to their imagination, developing new ideas through graphic arts.
They acquire knowledge and references on art history adapted to their age.

An evening to share creativity where we can try new things, experiment and fail without the fear of criticism.
Try out new ideas, explore different media, collaborate, share the joy of creating. Meet new people, mingle, have fun and relax.
A full day course in a small group in a small group to discover or perfect hand building ceramic techniques.
This workshop will allow you to discover the basic techniques of modeling: pinching, coiling and slab building to make your first pieces or improve your technique. You will be free to create functional objects such as a plate, a bowl or a small vase or decorative ones. You will also discover decoration techniques such as painting with engobes or carving techniques.
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