As an illustrator, artist and teacher I help others to learn and grow by developing their creativity. I organize different types of workshops: team building, press days, bachelorette parties or private events. I am based in Malmö but can travel according to your needs.
Among my references: Etsy, Vans, Sofitel Paris, Dockers, Bensimon...
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Etsy showroom - Live painting
Etsy showroom - Live painting
Dockers event - Customization
Dockers event - Customization
Vans - Workshop
Vans - Workshop
Vans - Workshop
Vans - Workshop
A creative and artistic workshop as part of a team building action responds to both individual well-being and collective harmony. As such, this activity perfectly meets all the challenges of a global management.
Benefits to organizing a creative workshop for your team:
- Beyond the playful and creative aspect, art also allows to focus, to express and to reconnect to yourself.
- This is a great stress reliever.
- By refocusing on emotions and sensations, we work on non-verbal communication: a real booster in business communication.
- By stimulating exchange and sharing, a creative team building strengthens team spirit.
- Creation outside of the professional framework allows discovering skills and abilities that one did not imagine, in oneself and in one's colleagues.
- The friendly atmosphere and conviviality of the moment allows everyone to find their place in the group.
- Working together on a common artistic achievement allows to reinforce the links in a concrete and durable way
Workshop options
- Crafting sessions which will help in team-building and boosting creativity for corporate companies
- Draw inspiration from your surrounding, let your inspiration and creativity flow through an art session
- live painting (mural, customization) during your pressdays or corporate events
Who is the workshop for?
Creative Workshops aren't exclusively meant for creative professionals. Anyone, regardless of their career background or age, is fully welcomed to join the sessions. As such, not only is it an excellent and fun activity to do with your friends and colleagues, but also with family as well!
Workshops can take place at your workplace or in Malmö at Spln's premises

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